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Glad you could make it.


I became a copywriter because I had no future as a web designer, as you can see.

If I were a web designer, I could show you the brands I've worked with, and samples of the projects that have grossed my clients thousands in hidden revenue. 


I want you to hear all about it, truly.


Maybe we can do this the old fashioned way.

Why don't we each pour ourselves a cup of coffee, we'll each sit down at our computers and chat like old friends via email.

Are you more of a listener? Do you prefer this conversation to be a little more one-sided?

It sounds like we're a perfect match.

Add your email into my fancy field and let's get acquainted.


It's worth mentioning, this is a website I made in March of 2020 with no experience, no portfolio, and no skills of literally any kind.

This is no longer the website I use for business.

It is but a shrine.

I'm keeping it up because I think it's funny to show where I started.

Chase your dreams, I guess. Xoxo.


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